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#1 Posted : Saturday, January 02, 2016 5:20:14 AM(UTC)

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So far here in the forum, everything is laid out nice, but I would like to make a suggestion, Add the topic/ Discussion for everyone just to simply say Hi.

I have been a diy guy for Many Moons, and a member of many forum's over the years. and I will say, the General discussion just to say hi, and to get to know people has become the first thing I look for.

ME, I'm still new to arduino , I have a a dozen or so between , min, uno, mega, here in me and my son's hobby bin, we have done a few projects in our spare time over the last few years, and with my work, and his school "4th grade", we don't get that much time to improve on our code skills.. So that is what lead me here.

In hope that this software helps us continue with our projects.. the last few months has been NUT's, trying to learn to code, it feels like they keep changing the commands, so it makes hard to look online for a example. and with my other two kids, 6 and 9, and there no interest but legos,, lol,, it becomes hard to help the one that loves robotics,, especially years ago when I was in school the only class I had that even come closes to this was Q-basic.

Just downloaded the trial , time to see how this works, Thank you for all the time you have put into this,!! I will say I have high hopes

a few upcoming projects
1. a 7 seg display alarm clock for me, made is look like a ACME TnT 8z bundle, I'm still a cartoon kid at heart, but having issues with multiplex on the code side, want to use a arduino mini.

2, usless box,, done/kinda.. just used a little wood box, but one servo and a little finger to shut the switch back off and give it a little mimic of a attitude to leave it shut off was not too bad, But we want to add sound, but not sure where to start on that.

3. a hexiapod . 18 servo,, I have rounded up parts for this guy over the last 2 years, this is our Big project.. Many sensors , even went as far as a small 2w burn laser to pop balloons,, have the ps2 controller and servo controller board kit from ebay, we have a Mega for this project.. this is way past our skills , but, it is a goal we have to one day have it walk.. we have been able to move one leg at a time using the pc, but have not been able to get the arduino connected and test yet.

4. another controller for our little frog/plant Terrarium, already built the red and blue led fixture and have the fogger up and running.. going to simply reuse the code I have for our salt coral tank, just going to remove some of the options in the code. like sump, and the led ramp from day to night.. just need temp, night/day on /off . and humidity to turn on and off the fogger for water.

5. a little 2 wheel smart car.. we have not even opened the box yet, it come with the motor controller, all the other sensors we have.. I grab them all the time when i spy a low cost from online.. starting to get a box full,, thank god i label each one of what they are... Goal for this project ,, is to have it mimic a kinda roam around pet, It might be harder then i think, but I figure with night and day, sound, temp, distance, and line sensors , it should be able to mimic a pet with a little creativity in the code.

I hope All this helps in one way or another to improve software. My idea is to where the creator can see what other people have going on in arduino projects. every one will use it in different ways. If I had a Bunch of cash, I always thought it would be cool to Arduino control a full house.. I don't think it would be too hard, just a crap load of relays lots of wire, and a few sensors for each room, with a few lcd menu control boards.. each room could even have there own alarm clock. lol.. but that is my brain at play

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, January 05, 2016 1:48:10 PM(UTC)

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Hi Dan! I like the idea, I added an Introductions forum and moved this post here.

You're projects seem fun and I think Embrio will help a lot. I'm especially interested in your robotics projects, Embrio started as an experiment with "behavior based" or "agent based" robotics, and that's eventually where I want it to go. For now be sure to check out the Autonomous car tutorial video. If you can understand how to design a simple car with Agents you'll understand how to do just about any project.

I worked on a quadruped a few years ago, before Embrio, and really want to try again. I think Embrio will make a much better control program than what I was trying to do then.

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#3 Posted : Friday, June 23, 2017 1:18:51 AM(UTC)

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Good suggestion RollEyes
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