An RGB LED is really just 3 LEDs combined into one body, and we control it as we would control 3 separate LEDs. Connect the Red, Green, and Blue wires into PWM pins on your Arduino. Ideally you should connect a 150 Ohm resister to the Red pin, and a 100 Ohm resister to the Green and Blue pins. Finally connect the 4th pin to either ground or voltage, depending on the type of LED you are using: Common Anode or Common Cathode.

Using the node is very simple. Just set the pin inputs then control the Red, Green, and Blue activations to change the LED's color. Use the Brightness activation to change the intensity of the LED without changing the color.

To use this node in your Embrio project, either add it from the Library toolbar or copy the XML in the below box and paste it into a node screen.